For over 20 years, we've proudly served Carteret, Craven, and Onslow Counties, including Jacksonville, NC, providing top-notch residential, commercial, and move-out cleaning services. We're dedicated to supporting our military community during PCS transitions, ensuring their carpet cleaning needs are met with excellence.

Emerald Carpet Care

Additional Services

If your carpet has severe damage, it will require more than a basic carpet cleaning. But you can relax because we are ready to help with these advanced services and treatments.

Cigarette Odors

Odors from cigarettes, cigars, and other sources of smoke can be difficult to remove. Ask us about additional treatments to help reduce or eliminate these odors.

Paint, Ink, and Wax

Paint, ink, and wax are common damage we see to carpets. Unfortunately, it usually does not disappear with a basic carpet cleaning. However, it can often be removed or minimized with additional processes.

Pet Stains and Odors

Accidents, dirty paws, dander, and oils can cause a lot of damage to your home. We can work with you to minimize damage and leave your home smelling fresh.

Red Stains

Stains from red dye are some of the most difficult to remove. We have additional processes that can often remove stains left from red dyes.

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